I am but one of many. These are some of the writers I am inspired by. If you enjoy what I do here, consider giving them a look as they never fail to amuse and entice…


An Online Universe (Sam and Co. bring the Aussie perspective)

And So It Begins (A great writer: A killer visual essayist)

Being Norma Jean (It’s Nik’s world, we all just live here)

Black Sheep (The first time I read Joe’s work, I immediately stepped up my game)

Cinema Axis (A new gathering of insightful film writers)

Cinema Fanatic (Few people have shaped my understanding of feminism like this woman has)

Ever So Ethnically Confused (The sharp observations of one witty Brit)


Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind (Greatest guy. Often wrong)

Fandango Groovers (Witty. Insightful. Also British.)

Flix Chatter (Endless cinematic enthusiasm)

The Frame (Jandy’s influence on my love of classic film is immeasurable)

Go, See, Talk (Lots of contests; Lots of interviews)

GMan Reviews (For those who like their criticism with some Caribbean flavour)

Impassioned Cinema (Let’s face facts – Movie discussion is better with passionate people)

The Mind Reels (They make my workday more palatable)

Movie Mezzanine (They’re like The Avengers. But smarter.)

Nevermind Pop Film (A collective of young voices spearheaded by the very passionate Fitz)

Reel Talk (Singular)

Row Three (Always intelligent, often jaded)

Sam Fragoso (This guy is my spirit animal)

Simon Columb (Far smarter than me, but don’t tell him that)


The Velvet Cafe (I want her life, and her wisdom)



Across The Universe (Cinematic enthusiasm with international charm)

The Movies You Love (The joy of discussing our favorite films)

The Row Three Cinecast (Got three hours to kill?)

The Unnamed Movie Podcast (For those who feel like some Caribbean flavour)


The Grown-Ups’ Table

The AV Club 

Cinema Blend

Roger Ebert

Entertainment Weekly 



Michael Phillips

Movie Mezzanine

The Q & A 

Rotten Tomatoes

A.O. Scott