It’s no secret by now that I’m a filmgoer who is lured in by directors, and one of those directors remains Michael Mann. However, I’m beginning to believe that I’m one of the few moviegoers left out there that is still lured in by Michael Mann.

I could be wrong, but I can’t help but think that there’s a whole generation of filmgoers who don’t give a shit about the name Michael Mann, and likewise, a growing population that haven’t cared about anything he’s done since THE INSIDER.

Am I wrong? Is the guy still a name-brand of some sort, or has whatever following he once had dried up and now sees him as a has-been?

Regardless, this is coming in January, which gives me a small degree of hope that it will buoy those early weeks of the new year when there’s nothing good to be seen. Basically, I’m hoping this does for me what HAYWIRE did a few years ago.