You’d be excused if you started seeing The Matinee as the place where Kristen Stewart trailers are collected. Just a co-incidence, I swear. The next trailer I post will not feature the former Bella Swan.

Like the last one I decided to share, what we have here is a new offering by a director I love. Before I get too worked-up though, we should ask ourselves if we’re about to witness another BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN…or another RIDE WITH THE DEVIL?

If nothing else, this film needs to be tracked down for Ang Lee’s decision to shoot the war scenes at 120fps. In case, you forgot – Peter Jackson shot the HOBBIT films at 48 fps, and most audiences didn’t take to the experience. Was that a condemnation of the format, the property, or the marriage of the format and the property? Might the technique make the scenes even more affecting, or scuttle the whole ship?

It’s all enough to leave me curious, helped in-part by what I know of the book. There are all sorts of ways this could be adapted, of course, but on the page this story takes a very specific point of view on a soldier’s experience coming home from battle. Of course, that begs a similar question to the one surrounding 128 fps photography:

Will audiences be ready to embrace this story as much of its moments continue to play-out for soldiers coming home from the middle east…or are we ready to look in the mirror at our current reality?