Let me guess? You swore off Tim Burton long ago.

After the seventh or eighth adaptation of a disenchanted and lonely lead co-starring Johnny Depp, you cried “no mas” and shattered that copy of “Charlie’s Dark Sweeney Weenie in Wonderland” into a million little pieces?

So to that end, you probably think me crazy for wanting to come back for more, right?

I can’t help it. I look at things this way: The man has actually kept to a different corner of the sandbox from Johnny Depp for the second movie in a row. Not that I hated all of what they were doing, but clearly, they were in a rut. What’s more, he’s branching out a bit and choosing not to adapt some previously existing property. The last time he did that – a whopping eleven years ago – great things came from it.

So I don’t think we should write-off Mr. Bonham-Carter just yet…do you?