In case you’ve never noticed, I’m somewhat obsessed with the visual element of film.

I’m forever amazed by the emotions and ideas that can be sparked by a single frame of a feature film. Between my annual “Hey Man, Nice Shot” post, and my semi-frequent “Freeze Frame” attack of classic films, I’ve been able to explore this love and obsession with the photography of the movies I watch.

Well today I’m turning that obsession on the eight films up for Best Picture, and in a neat development – I’m doing it for Cineplex!


…Think of the fear that comes to mind whenever you see Hannibal Lecter glaring from his cell in The Silence of The Lambs, or the sweet sorrow seeing Jack and Rose on the bow of The Titanic. Odds are you won’t soon forget the tension you felt the first time you saw Sgt. James pull up five buried bombs in The Hurt Locker, or a brimming sense of adventure as The Fellowship of The Ring first gathered in Rivendale…

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