A Note from Ryan’s Desk…

Tonight is game one of the 2015 World Series. While we here in The Great White North are still heartbroken that our Toronto Blue Jays couldn’t make it to the dance, there is little doubt that baseball fans in Kansas City and New York are in for something special in the days ahead.

After all, The Fall Classic has been the stage where some of sports’ most incredible scenes have played out…

Don Larsen’s perfect game.

Willie Mays’ basket catch.

Jackie Robinson steals home.

Joe Carter’s home run.

Babe Ruth’s called shot.

The World Series has a tendency to bring out much of the joy, romance, intensity, and excellence that baseball is about at its best…details that are also on display in so many films that feature The Grand Old Game.

So as we wish The Royals and The Mets the best of luck in their fight to raise a long-overdue banner, allow our resident film editor to honour them and the sport itself the best way she knows how.

There are 39 films represented here. How many can you spot?