That title reminds me, did I miss out on all the think pieces written in honour of “Vitalogy” turning twenty years old? And if not, why weren’t there more think pieces on “Vitalogy” turning twenty years old?

So just after dinner time last night, the world got it’s first collective look at ANT-MAN, which will be the first offering in Marvel’s “Phase Three” after we get done with the next Avengers movie in late April. And two minutes after “just after dinner time”, something funny happened…the online universe collectively shrugged, snickered, and scrunched-up its face. For the first time since this train started rolling, a new trailer was met with a wild amount of disinterest and confusion.

Now allow me to pause here and re-iterate that I don’t judge films based on their trailers, I’ll be seeing this no matter what.


Marvel had seemed all but bulletproof after GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY – the film with the walking tree and talking racoon – looked like a romp based on that first Blue-Sweede-fuelled trailer. After a bit of flagging interest in the late going of “Phase One” it looked like there was no basket they couldn’t make…no high note they couldn’t hit.

With the odd first-reaction to ANT-MAN, a crack in the dam has appeared…and one wonders if the goose is starting to run out of golden eggs.

Here’s what I know; if there’s a failing today, it’s a failing of ANT-MAN’s publicity department for cutting a humourless and (let’s face it) weird-ass trailer. And even if the film trips and brings in a “piddling” $175M, Disney will have more than enough capital to absorb the loss with Avengers and Star Wars both dropping next this year. But one wonders – could this possibly be a true indicator of the actual quality of the film?